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Muslim Boys Name With P
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Muslim Boys Name With P

Top 10 Muslim Boys Names Starting with P

Inroduction: Muslim Boys Name With P Choosing a name for a Muslim baby boy is a significant decision, reflecting cultural, religious, and personal values. Names starting with the letter “P” are unique and hold profound meanings. In this article, we explore the top 10 Muslim boys’ names that begin with the letter “P.”

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1. Parsa (پارسا) – Muslim Boys Name With P

Meaning and Origin: Parsa is a Persian name meaning “pure” or “pious.”

Historical Significance: Parsa is often associated with individuals who exhibit great moral character and integrity.

Cultural Impact: This name is popular in Iran and among Persian-speaking communities, symbolizing purity and righteousness.

2. Parvez (پرویز)

Meaning and Origin: Parvez, also spelled Parviz, is a Persian name that means “fortunate” or “victorious.”

Historical Significance: The name is famously borne by Parviz, a king in Persian mythology known for his bravery and wisdom. Muslim Boys Name With N

Cultural Impact: Parvez is widely used in Iran, Pakistan, and India, embodying success and triumph.

3. Pasha (پاشا)

Meaning and Origin: Pasha is of Turkish origin, meaning “lord” or “honorable.”

Historical Significance: The title “Pasha” was used in the Ottoman Empire to denote a person of high rank and authority.

Cultural Impact: Pasha is a name that signifies nobility and honor, common in Turkish and Arabic-speaking regions.

4. Paiman (پیمان)

Meaning and Origin: Paiman is a Persian name meaning “promise” or “covenant.”

Historical Significance: The name Paiman represents trustworthiness and commitment.

Cultural Impact: It is a cherished name in Persian-speaking countries, reflecting reliability and fidelity.

5. Parastoo (پرستو) – Muslim Boys Name With P

Meaning and Origin: Parastoo is a Persian name that means “swallow” (the bird), symbolizing freedom and hope.

Historical Significance: Parastoo carries connotations of beauty and grace, often used in Persian poetry and literature.

Cultural Impact: This name is particularly popular in Iran, representing elegance and freedom.

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6. Parsaad (پرسااد)

Meaning and Origin: Parsaad is a combination of Persian roots, meaning “pure joy.”

Historical Significance: The name signifies happiness and purity of heart.

Cultural Impact: Parsaad is a unique and joyful name used in Persian and Urdu-speaking communities.

7. Parsaam (پارساام)

Meaning and Origin: Parsaam is a modern Persian name meaning “pure peace.”

Historical Significance: This name conveys a sense of tranquility and purity.

Cultural Impact: Parsaam is growing in popularity, symbolizing a serene and peaceful personality.

8. Painda (پائنده) – Muslim Boys Name With P

Meaning and Origin: Painda is a Pashto name meaning “stable” or “everlasting.”

Historical Significance: The name is often associated with resilience and endurance.

Cultural Impact: Painda is common in Afghanistan and among Pashto-speaking communities, signifying strength and stability. top 10 business

9. Pirooz (پیروز)

Meaning and Origin: Pirooz is a Persian name that means “victorious.”

Historical Significance: The name Pirooz has historical significance, often associated with warriors and kings who achieved great victories.

Cultural Impact: Pirooz is a powerful name used in Iran, symbolizing success and triumph.

10. Parsaheel (پارساہیل) – Muslim Boys Name With P

Meaning and Origin: Parsaheel is a modern Persian name meaning “pure guide.”

Historical Significance: This name reflects wisdom and the ability to lead others with purity of intent.

Cultural Impact: Parsaheel is increasingly used in Persian-speaking communities, representing leadership and purity.


1. What is the meaning of the name Parsa? Parsa means “pure” or “pious.”

2. Where is the name Parvez popular? Parvez is popular in Iran, Pakistan, and India.

3. What does the name Pasha signify? Pasha means “lord” or “honorable.”

4. What is the cultural significance of the name Paiman? Paiman means “promise” and signifies trustworthiness and commitment.

5. What does the name Pirooz represent? Pirooz means “victorious” and associates with success and triumph.


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