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Muslim Girls name With B
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Muslim Girls name With B

Top 10 Muslim Girls Names with B Letter

Muslim Girls name With B: Choosing the perfect name for a baby girl is an important and joyous task for parents. For those looking for beautiful and meaningful Muslim girls’ names starting with the letter B, we have compiled a comprehensive list. Each name is rich in history and carries significant cultural and spiritual meanings.

1. Bushra – Muslim Girls name With B

Bushra is a popular Muslim girl’s name meaning “good news” or “glad tidings.” This name carries positive connotations of happiness and optimism. It derives from Arabic and often is chose for its uplifting and joyful significance.

2. Basma

Basma means “smile” in Arabic. This lovely name reflects a cheerful and happy nature. It is a perfect choice for parents who wish to see their daughter always smiling and spreading joy to those around her.

3. Bilqis

Bilqis is a name of Arabic origin, famously known as the name of the Queen of Sheba. It means “queen” and is associate with wisdom and leadership. This name is ideal for parents who envision their daughter as a strong and influential figure.

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4. Bahira

Bahira means “dazzling” or “brilliant” in Arabic. It is a beautiful name that signifies brightness and radiance. Choosing this name reflects a desire for a daughter who shines brightly in all her endeavors.

5. Badia

Badia is an Arabic name meaning “unique” or “unprecedented.” It highlights the individuality and special nature of the bearer. This name is perfect for parents who see their daughter as one-of-a-kind and extraordinary.

6. Banafsha

Banafsha means “violet” or “a beautiful flower” in Persian. This poetic name brings to mind the delicate beauty and grace of flowers. It is a wonderful choice for parents who want a name that embodies elegance and natural beauty.

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7. Balqis

Balqis is another name inspire by the Queen of Sheba, similar to Bilqis. It also means “queen” and is associated with royalty and majesty. This name is ideal for a daughter who is seen as regal and noble.

8. Barika

Barika means “blessed” or “prosperous” in Swahili. This name carries connotations of fortune and happiness. It is perfect for parents who wish for their daughter to have a life filled with blessings and success.

9. Bibi

Bibi is a respectful title used in many Islamic cultures, meaning “lady” or “miss.” It is often used as a prefix to other names but can stand alone as a name itself, symbolizing respect and honor.

10. Batool

Batool is a name of Arabic origin meaning “virgin” or “pure.” It associated with the Virgin Mary (Maryam) in Islamic tradition. This name signifies purity, devotion, and spiritual strength.


1. What does the name Bushra mean?

Bushra means “good news” or “glad tidings,” signifying happiness and joy.

2. Is Bilqis a common name?

Yes, Bilqis is a well-known name, famously associated with the Queen of Sheba, symbolizing wisdom and leadership.

3. What is the significance of the name Bahira?

Bahira means “dazzling” or “brilliant,” reflecting brightness and radiance.

4. Can Bibi be used as a standalone name?

Yes, Bibi can be used as a standalone name, meaning “lady” or “miss,” symbolizing respect and honor.

5. What does Batool signify in Islamic tradition?

Batool means “virgin” or “pure,” associated with the Virgin Mary (Maryam), symbolizing purity and spiritual strength.

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