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Muslim Boys Name with O

Muslim Boys Name with O

Top 10 Muslim Boys Names Starting with O

Muslim Boys Name with O: When choosing a name for a Muslim baby boy, many parents look for names with deep meanings and significant cultural or religious relevance. Names starting with the letter “O” are unique and carry profound meanings. In this article, we explore the top 10 Muslim boys’ names that begin with the letter “O.” Top 10 Muslim Boys Names

1. Omar (عمر) – Muslim Boys Name with O

Meaning and Origin: Omar is a popular Muslim name of Arabic origin. It means “flourishing, long-lived.”

Historical Significance: Omar is a significant name in Islamic history, notably borne by Omar ibn al-Khattab, the second Caliph of Islam, known for his just and fair rule.

Cultural Impact: Omar is a name that symbolizes strength, wisdom, and leadership. It is widely used across various cultures, including Arabic, Persian, and African communities.

2. Osman (عثمان)

Meaning and Origin: Osman is derived from Arabic and means “the chosen one” or “the tender one.”

Historical Significance: The name is historically important due to Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for over 600 years.

Cultural Impact: Osman is a strong and regal name, often associated with power and respect. It is common in Turkey and many Arab countries.

3. Obaid (عبيد)

Meaning and Origin: Obaid is an Arabic name that means “servant” or “devoted worshipper.”

Historical Significance: This name signifies humility and dedication to God.People often choose it to reflect a deep sense of spirituality and service.

Cultural Impact: Obaid is a humble and pious name, popular in Middle Eastern countries.

4. Owais (اویس)

Meaning and Origin: Owais is an Arabic name that means “gifted” or “bestowed.”

Historical Significance: Owais al-Qarani was a well-known Islamic figure known for his piety and devotion to the Prophet Muhammad.

Cultural Impact: Owais is a name representing spiritual giftedness and respected in many Islamic cultures.

5. Omar Farooq (عمر فاروق) – Muslim Boys Name with O

Meaning and Origin: Combining Omar with Farooq, this name means “distinguishing between right and wrong.”

Historical Significance: Omar Farooq refers to the Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab, renowned for his justice and leadership.

Cultural Impact: This name is a powerful combination that signifies wisdom and moral clarity.

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6. Obaidullah (عبيد الله)

Meaning and Origin: Obaidullah means “servant of Allah” in Arabic.

Historical Significance: The name is a reminder of one’s duty to serve and worship Allah, embodying a life of faith and service.

Cultural Impact: Obaidullah is a respected and meaningful name in many Muslim communities.

7. Omer (عمر)

Meaning and Origin: Omer, a variant of Omar, means “life” or “long-lived.”

Historical Significance: Similar to Omar, Omer associates with leadership and strength.

Cultural Impact: Omer is a popular name across various cultures, symbolizing vitality and longevity.

8. Othman (عثمان) – Muslim Boys Name with O

Meaning and Origin: Othman is another form of Osman, meaning “the chosen one.”

Historical Significance: Like Osman, Othman is connected to the legacy of the Ottoman Empire.

Cultural Impact: The name is widespread in the Arab world and Turkey, symbolizing nobility and leadership.

9. Omran (عمران)

Meaning and Origin: Omran means “prosperity” or “long-lived” in Arabic.

Historical Significance: Omran is the Arabic name for Amram, the father of Moses and Aaron in the Bible and Quran.

Cultural Impact: Omran is a name that signifies growth and prosperity, cherished in many Muslim cultures. top business

10. Owaisi (اویسی) – Muslim Boys Name with O

Meaning and Origin: Owaisi is derived from Owais, meaning “gifted.”

Historical Significance: The name honors Owais al-Qarani, a revered figure in Islamic history.

Cultural Impact: Owaisi is a unique and meaningful name that carries a sense of spiritual endowment.


1. What is the meaning of the name Omar? Omar means “flourishing” or “long-lived.”

2. Who was Osman in Islamic history? Osman I was the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

3. What does the name Obaid mean? Obaid means “servant” or “devoted worshipper.”

4. Is Owais a common Muslim name? Yes, Owais is a common name, especially respected for its spiritual significance.

5. What is the significance of the name Omran? Omran signifies “prosperity” or “long-lived” and is linked to biblical and Quranic history.


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