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As Heatwave Shows Signs of Abating Karachi Braces for Relief

Shows Signs of Abating as Heatwave Karachi Braces for Relief

Karachi swelters under a heatwave with temperatures reaching 39.4°C. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) predicts some relief by Friday with partly cloudy skies and lower temperatures.

Heatwave Karachi

In recent days, Karachi has been experiencing a scorching heatwave. With the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) recording a high of 39.4 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. While early mornings offered some respite with lows of 27 degrees Celsius, scorching winds blowing in from the Balochistani deserts quickly pushed temperatures up throughout the day.

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Residents endured a significant drop in humidity by midday. As dry breezes replaced the previously experienced moisture from the Arabian Sea. Strong afternoon winds further exacerbated the situation, reducing humidity levels to a mere 15%.

Initially, the PMD’s Early Warning Center forecast on Thursday suggested the heatwave might persist through the day, potentially pushing temperatures past the 40-degree mark. However, some reprieve is expected by Friday. Skies are predicted to become partly cloudy, with a significant drop in maximum temperatures to a range of 34 to 36 degrees Celsius.

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This shift promises a much-needed break from the relentless heat. The PMD reports that starting on Friday, the influence of the hot northwesterly winds from Balochistan will significantly diminish for Karachi. However, the department warns that other parts of the province may continue to experience hot and dry weather conditions.

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This heatwave highlights the importance of staying cool and hydrated during such periods. Here are some essential tips to remember:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid sugary drinks and opt for water infused with fruits or vegetables for added flavor.
  • Minimize Outdoor Activity: Limit your time spent outdoors, especially during the hottest part of the day (typically between 11 am and 4 pm).
  • Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing: Opt for lightweight, breathable clothing made from natural fibers like cotton. Avoid tight-fitting garments that can trap heat.
  • Seek Air-Conditioning: If possible, spend time in air-conditioned spaces during the peak heat hours.
  • Protect Yourself from the Sun: Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, wear a hat, and sunglasses whenever you venture outdoors.
  • Take Cool Showers: Taking a cool shower can provide temporary relief from the heat.

By following these simple precautions, residents can stay safe and healthy during this heatwave.

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